Believe it or not, when I started painting thirty-two years ago, I strictly painted with oils and much of my work was realistic representations of seascapes and flowers. As much as I still love working with oils, once I mastered working in this medium, I found myself feeling constrained and quite honestly bored.

Similar to Picasso whose early works were realistic paintings of people, he found himself itching to break out of the traditional rules of painting and start experimenting with an entirely new style. For me the draw to step out of traditional painting was just the beginning.

ArtifactsOne of the reasons I quickly fell in love with mixed media, was because it’s a technique that allows creativity to flow more freely. In my experience it became an opportunity to practice “trusting.” To trust in the creative process, to trust in letting go and surrendering to the True Creativity Within. This allows the work to organically unfold without expectations or preconceived ideas. Most importantly it’s so much more fun!

I truly believe that everyone possesses the creative gene; it just expresses itself in different ways, whether it be writing, programming, gardening or cooking. Mixed media is just another way to uncover your own true creative expression.

The beauty of this medium is that you don’t have to be an experienced artist to do this technique. Because it lends itself to the beginner artist, anyone at any stage of their creativity can dive in. Especially those who just want to explore their creativity without the pressure of having to know how to draw or paint.

If you’re ready to dive in and get your feet wet with Mixed Media, I would love for you to join me at my Mixed Media Basics Workshop in Pasadena. I offer an inspiring and supportive environment for you to explore your True Creativity Within.

Hurry, space is limited and the deadline to register is Monday, February 23.


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