Workshops At A Glance

Book of Creative Discoveries Part 1

In this class series we will be exploring different mixed media techniques such as watercolor effects, mark making, paper fabric, painting on brown paper bags and much more.  These techniques will free up your creativity by staying spontaneous, abstract and organic. We will explore how to combine different mediums & materials to create textural and artistic pages for a book you will then bind together. This class is about having fun doing something spontaneous without having to be artistic or perfect in what you create. Learn More


Book of Creative Discoveries Part 2

Get ready to continue to uncover creative jewels through spontaneous play and mixed media techniques. In this live online class we will continue to create abstract and artistic pages. Through a variety of techniques that incorporate weaving remnants, fabric paper, textures, mending pages and more you will continue to produce exciting and unexpected results. This new collection of pages will be the perfect addition to your existing Book of Creative Awakenings or inspire you to create a whole new one. Learn More


Mixed Media Basics
2 & 3 Day Workshops

Spend multiple days in the company of others creating your very own mixed media pieces. Learn mixed media basics such as collage, different acrylic applications, creative backgrounds, texturizing, layering, integrating found objects, scribbling and more. When you commit to multiple days of creating, you allow yourself to be fully immersed the creative process. This is the perfect opportunity to become really familiar with the art of mixed media. The beauty of mixed media is that anyone with little or no prior art experience can do it. In this workshop you are free to experiment and be spontaneous in whatever you create. When working in mixed media there is no one right way to do it. The magic happens when we invite accidents and mistakes during the process. You will be able to freely explore your True Creativity Within. Learn More


Vision Prayer Flags

Join me as you spend a day creating your very own Prayer Flags containing your personal intentions or goals for the New Year. At the beginning of the workshop I will take you through a brief guided visualization to help you get connected to what you wish to achieve in 2018. After establishing your top 3 goals or intentions for the New Year, you will create a prayer flag for each one. We will use a combination of fabric, scraps of material, collage and found objects. You will have the opportunity to personalize each flag with your favorite imagery, quotes and found objects that reflect your intentions. At the end of the workshop, you will take home your very own Prayer Flags, ready to hang in your sacred space, studio or home. Learn More ScribbleShort    

Color Mixing Essentials

Do you find color mixing a mystery? Do you always end up with a big blob of paint trying to get the right color? Do you get frustrated trying to figure out what colors best work together? Here is a chance to gain a basic understanding of color mixing. Learning the basic principles of color mixing is one of the main ingredients to creating artwork that feels cohesive and has a sense of harmony. Join me as I take you through easy to do exercises that will help you learn basic color mixology using the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow. Read More ScribbleShort

Mixed Media Abstract:
Discovering Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that finds beauty in what is naturally imperfect, aged and weathered. In this class, you will create multiple abstract pieces incorporating different mixed media techniques, acrylic applications, textiles and found objects. Recreate surfaces that have an unrefined weathered feel. Create your own collage materials through spontaneous painting and tearing. By using a limited color palette, give your artwork a sense of harmony and simplicity. Learn More


Miniature Mixed Media Tiles

Big creations come in little packages. Working small and on multiple pieces is the perfect process to get out of over thinking and get your creativity flowing. I often use this method as a warm up before working on larger pieces or if I feel the larger format is too daunting. It takes the pressure off and instead you have permission to have fun. Art tiles are also great for taking art making on the road while traveling. But what excites me the most, are the tiny treasures of art that emerge from these miniatures. Read More ScribbleShort

Paper Cloth & Junk Book

Using both vintage and present-day ephemera (discarded materials), fabric scraps, found objects, and paints, we will create what is also referred to as a “Junk Journal.” We will also explore composition, placement, color schemes and more. This online class is a fun way to tap into your inner creativity while discovering artistic beauty in everyday materials. The final product is a hand-made book of your creation with each page containing an artistic collage of materials with richness and dimension. Learn More



Painting With Paper

Ever wondered what to do with left over birthday cards, old textbooks, event tickets, out dated wrapping paper? Before you throw them into the recycle, take a second look. What we overlook on a daily basis can be precious fragments in creating a work of art.cIn this workshop you will create an engaging piece of art using paper as the primary medium. You will learn how to pull together upcycle paper, vintage ephemera and handmade papers to create a piece that is tactile and artistically beautiful. Learn More ScribbleShort

Painting With Fabric

Do you have a collection of scrap material piling up from past sewing projects? Have you been holding on to those left over remnants, you just don’t have the heart to throw away? Imagine utilizing those beautiful gems, left from some of your favorite materials, and pulling them all together to create a piece of artwork. Join me for a day of fun and creativity as you create a mixed media piece with interesting scraps of fabric and material. In this all day workshop you will learn the importance of layering materials from larger scale to smaller to develop a sense of background and foreground. Read More



Mixed Media Art Journaling

Visual Art Journaling is a great place to record your travels, memorable moments, to affirm your goals and dreams or just PLAY! If you keep a regular writing journal, but are looking to add a visual quality and depth, Visual Art Journaling is the perfect addition to your journaling practice. It’s also a place where you are allowed to get messy, experiment and create without prior artistic experience. It’s the perfect way to take your art making on your travels or to a coffee shop. Visual Journaling can also be a transformative tool to utilize during life’s transitions, when you want to gain clarity on a major decision, explore your creativity or just need to process your thoughts in a visual way. Read More