Art Journaling June: Prompt 1


  • Art Journal (My favorite is Canson XL Mixed Media Pad)
  • Opaque Watercolor Pan Set OR any other watercolor paint/set
  • Watercolor paint brush (Medium)
  • White Gel Pen and/or White Paint Pen
  • Black Sharpie (Ultra fine)
  • Small spray bottle with water
  • Cup of water for paint brushes
  • Hairdryer

[ Step 1 ]

On a blank page in your art journal, wet the page by spraying water directly onto the paper with a spray bottle. Make sure not to over drench the surface. You are just dampening the paper.

[ Step 2 ]

While the paper is wet, begin to add watercolor to the page with a wet paintbrush. Feel free to add multiple colors to your page. Try to create some areas where you have more dense and dark color.

[ Step 3 ]

To create interesting modeling, while the paint is still wet, take your spray bottle and lightly spray water over the painted areas of your page. If desired, tilt your journal up and down to allow some of the colors to bleed into each other.

[ Step 4 ]

With a hairdryer, completely dry the surface of your page making sure there are no damp areas.

[ Step 5 ]

With a white Gel Pen (or Paint Pen) begin to draw directly over the painted areas. You can either create your own doodle patterns (or tangles) or drawings. You can also find some fun samples on the internet to follow.

[ Optional ]

Optional: On the same page, you can choose to also integrate more drawings, but using a black Sharpie.  I personally like having different colors on the page to make it more interesting. You can also use different color Gel Pens as long as it is a contrasting color to the background color.