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Mixed Media Art is the ideal medium to explore your creative side without the pressure of having to be artistic or create a perfect piece of art. You’re free to experiment and be spontaneous in whatever you create. In this online course I take you step-by-step on how to create a mixed media piece that has dimension and interest. I’ll walk you through from start to finish on how to apply various mixed media techniques so that you experience and understand the richness of the layer process. If you’ve never tried Mixed Media before, this online course is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Learn More

Learning the basic principles of color mixing is one of the main ingredients to creating artwork that feels cohesive and has a sense of harmony. I’ll take you through easy to do exercises that will help you learn basic color mixology using the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow. You will learn how to mix the secondary and tertiary colors on the color wheel. We will also cover how to mix tints and shades as well as how to dull (desaturate) a color (hue). Learn More

Envision your goals, dreams or intentions and create a visual reminder to help bring them to reality. Perfect for setting goals for the New Year or to establish new ones throughout the year. In this program I walk you through a Guided Visualization, Written Exercises and a fun tutorial on how to create a wall hanging vision board and vision prayer flags. Learn More

This technique allows you to transfer black & white or color laser prints of imagery and photographs directly onto your artwork. It’s  the perfect way to personalize your artwork with your original photography. In this tutorial you will learn how to prepare the surface for a successful transfer as well as how to creatively integrate color behind the image. Learn More

Working small and on multiple pieces is the perfect process to get out of over thinking and get your creativity flowing. It takes the pressure off and instead you have permission to have fun. Art tiles are also great for taking art making on the road while traveling. But what is most exciting, are the tiny treasures of art that emerge from these miniatures. Learn More

Part of the beauty of working in Mixed Media is that you can create textural surfaces that look artistic and give your artwork dimension. In this course I walk you through easy and fun techniques to create a variety of textures using crackle, cheesecloth and tissue paper. Learn More

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