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One-Day Virtual Retreat
Hosted & Led by Lisa Agaran | True Creativity Within

October 24, 2020

During these challenging times where we are encouraged to practice social distancing, it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated from others. This can dull our desire to be creative and make it challenging to maintain motivation to keep creating.

There is a common myth that in order to be your most creative, one would require a lot of solitary time. Although enough healthy alone time is important for your creative process, connecting with others and having meaningful relationships play an important part. 

We need relationships with others to be at our best. When we are surrounded with support, we are more productive, happy, and energetic. Positive relationships help to move us forward and help us to grow. Positive relationships also help the artist along in his/her creative process. Good relationships can bolster our courage to take the plunge into creativity.”Anne Paris, Standing at Water’s Edge

These connections can provide a vital source of creative inspiration, motivation and encouragement when it comes to your creative process. This is especially essential for the beginning artist and the continued growth of an emerging artist.


In this one-day virtual retreat you will learn what three types of essential connections can help us become a better artist and inspire creativity. You will also learn ways in which you can connect more deeply with your own inner artist, such as gathering outside inspiration, setting up your creative space and developing a ritual to prepare and warm you up for creating.

If you’re feeling a need to just take a break and escape the world issues, join us and spend a day where you will be able to gather with other creatives in the comfort and safety of your home. Rejuvenate that inner artist who wants to create and gift yourself with a dose of creative inspiration.

What is a virtual retreat?

In the dictionary the definition of the word “retreat” is to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax. It also means a period of contemplation or mindfulness for a purpose or intention.

Although we commonly think of attending a retreat as traveling to a destination, it doesn’t necessarily require leaving your home. It’s all about the experience that is cultivated right where you are. A retreat can happen anywhere, even online in your own home.


A virtual retreat is an event where you set a day to immerse yourself in the purpose and intention of the retreat. You will have a chance to connect with other creatives online in a live Zoom setting. The day will run similar to a live retreat with an itinerary filled with a blend of instruction, art making, yoga breaks, guided visualization and most importantly connecting.


How will the retreat work? 

A Zoom link will be provided prior to the retreat beginning. We will all meet at 9:00 am (PDT) /12:00 Noon Eastern (check for your time zone) on Saturday, October 24, 2020. The retreat will run from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm (PDT) with an optional Meet & Greet the night prior (Friday, October 23). We recommend setting the entire day aside to get the most out of the retreat. However, we do understand the importance of breaking up this time together so we will be providing many opportunities to walk away from the computer to grab a snack, beverage or just stretch. Also there will be a nice leisure lunch break from 12:00-1:30 pm (PDT).


View Retreat Itinerary Below


What if I am unable to stay the entire time? 

We also understand that timing won’t work for everyone and for some staying the entire time might be challenging. No worries, we will be recording main key sessions of the retreat for later viewing. However, we encourage you to try to take advantage of the sessions where you we break out into small groups so you get the benefit of connecting with other. Part of the virtual retreat experience is being able to interact live.


Jen & I have had the joy of doing live art retreats since 2017. As much as we miss having the opportunity to do our retreats in person, that won’t stop us from putting our creative hats on and figure out a way to continue to provide the retreat experience even if that means from a distance.

This is why we are so excited about doing our first virtual retreat because…

This time we’re bring the retreat to you
in the comfort and safety of your home.

Creating Promotes Wellbeing

I believe when we connect to our creativity without judgment, expectations and the need for our art to be perfect, we draw from a deep resource and connect to our creative intuition. This can lead to a sense of inner wholeness as well as open up our creativity.

Taking time to honor your creative spirit is just as essential to your wellbeing as a good nights rest, exercise and eating right. It provides benefits both spiritually and mentally. Doing any sort of creative practice whether it’s writing, dancing, crafts can be meditative and stress reducing. It’s an activity that can ground us in our daily life.

Mixed media is the perfect avenue to achieve this.

Mixed Media Minis (M&Ms)

Big creations come in little packages. Working small and on multiple pieces is the perfect process to get out of over thinking and get your creativity flowing. I often use this method as a warm up before working on larger pieces or if I feel the larger format is too daunting. It takes the pressure off and instead you have permission to have fun. Art tiles are also great for taking art making on the road while traveling. But what excites me the most, are the tiny treasures of art that emerge from these miniatures.

We will work on multiple 3 x 4 in. tiles blending simple mixed media materials such as watercolor, collage, fabric and more.

Materials you will need

  • Watercolor pan kit or tubed watercolor paint

  • Small Paint brush & cup for water

  • Any additional collage materials

  • Fabric Scraps

  • Matte Medium or Mod Podge

  • Tacky Glue (for thicker fabrics)

  • Old credit card, putty spreader or burnisher

  • Gesso (white)

  • Spray bottle with fine mist (for water)

  • Scissors

  • Hair Dryer

  • Embroidery floss & needle OR Thread & needle

  • White Gelly Roll Pen (Optional)

  • Ultra Fine Black Sharpie

  • Colored Pencils (Optional)

NOTE: 18 Watercolor Tiles (3 x 4 in.) & packet of collage material will be included in your Retreat Welcome Package


I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s Zoom Wabi Sabi course! Not only is she an inspirational artist, as a professor myself, I am so appreciative of her skills as a teacher.  Each class was prepared with tremendous care and organization so as to maximize our engaged learning. I also really loved the perfect balance that she struck between providing us with guidance and structure and then encouraging us to find our own creative pathways.

– Shoshanna
Mixed Media Abstract: Discovering Wabi Sabi

Lisa Agaran – Instructor & Retreat Leader

Lisa is a professional Mixed Media Artist and Instructor. Her work has been shown in both solo and group exhibits throughout Los Angeles and New Mexico. Lisa’s work has been published in Incite, Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media and Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling. She has a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and a Masters in Psychology.

Lisa has been teaching Mixed Media classes and workshops for the last two years at various locations throughout Southern California. Her classes not only teach how to create in Mixed Media, but helps students tap into their true creativity and discover their inner artist. To learn more about Lisa’s journey on becoming an artist, read her story and to view her body of work visit

Jennifer Lindstrom – Henna Artist & Retreat Assistant

Jennifer brings to the workshop her passion for henna art and 7 years of experience as a henna artist. Jen believes, “In our culture henna is primarily seen as fashion, but it is an experience steeped in ritual and ceremony to document major life experiences or as a marker for moments of personal growth or spiritual quest.” Wearing her art is the perfect complement to enhance the weekend experience. For the last 5 years, Jen’s creative, inviting and nurturing warm spirit also makes for an amazing retreat partner and assistant.


Kathryn Bikle  | Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Kathryn is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in Pasadena, California. She is trained as a theater director, actor, writer, teacher, and presentation skills coach. Kathryn is also a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and leads her signature workshop “Embodied Labyrinth” throughout California. For more information visit


Megan Nolan | Yoga Instructor 

Megan has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. She is passionate about empowering people with the tools they need to live, move, and feel their best. Megan is excited to be sharing tools from the Yoga practice to help you connect new sources of inspiration and creativity as well as deepen your relationship with yourself, spiritually, mental, emotional, and physical. If you’ve never done yoga before, no worries, Megan’s approach to teaching is lighthearted, fun, and engaging. Making it inviting and non-intimidating to the newbie. For more information visit



(Tentative) Retreat Schedule

Below is a tentative retreat schedule for the day and may be subject to change as we draw closer to the retreat date. However, the goal is to try to keep the schedule as close as possible to what appears here.

Friday Night 

4:30-5:30 pm (PDT) | Meet & Greet (Breakout Rooms & Icebreaker) | Jen & I


9:00-9:30 am | Welcome & Introductions (Breakout Rooms & Guided Visualization by Lisa)

9:30-10:00 | Presentation (Why connections/relationships are important to our creativity) 

Written Exercise

Intro/Description Project 14 Day Challenge

10:00 -11:45 | Mixed Media Minis (M&Ms) Workshop

Work on Minis

11:45-12:00 |  15 min. Yoga Session with Megan

12 Noon-1:30 | Break for lunch

1:30-2:00 | Jen demo Temporary Henna Tattoo Application

2:00-2:05 | Breakout Rooms

2:05-2:30 |Presentation/Lecture (Connecting to your inner artist)

Your Creative Space
Finding & Collecting Inspiration
Carving out time to create
Ritual practice before creating

2:30-3:00 | Labyrinth Finger Walk with Kathryn

3:00-3:15 | 15 min. Yoga Session with Megan

3:15-3:30 | Closing

Welcome Packet

A few weeks prior to the retreat date, a welcome packet will be shipped out to your. This wonderful packet will include the following:

  • (1) Temporary Henna Tattoo (self-applying)
  • Sample bottle of Aura Cacia’s Creative Juice with tea light candle
  • Creativity Quotes on a string – Easy to hang quotes to help give you inspiration in your creative space.
  • (2) Packets of Yogi Tea (Positive Energy & Relax Mind)
  • (1) Coloring Mandala
  • (1) Finger Labyrinth
  • (18) 3 x 4 in. Watercolor Tiles with drawstring pouch for the Mixed Media Minis project during the retreat
  • Collection of collage materials for your Mixed Media Minis project
  • (1) Raffle Ticket