Art Journaling June: Prompt 3
Image Transfer with Packing Tape


  • Paint brush (for applying Mod Podge)
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Mod Podge
  • Spray bottle (with water)
  • Black & white laser printout¬† (Note: This technique does not work with inkjet printouts)
  • Putty Spreader
[ Step 1 ]

Cut out an image from a black & white printout. Make sure your image is not larger then the width of your packing tape.

[ Step 2 ]

Tear a piece of packing tape larger then the image.

[ Step 3 ]

Place the tape (sticky part down) directly over the printout. Burnish down with a putty spreader making sure the image is completely adhered to the tape.

[ Step 4 ]

Turn the taped image over and with a spray bottle wet the back side making sure to soak the back of the printout.

[ Step 5 ]

Begin rubbing the wet paper off the tape. As the paper rubs off you will begin to see the image which has transferred onto the tape.

[ Step 6 ]

Make sure to completely rub off all the paper from the tape.

[ Step 7 ]

With the back side still facing up, apply a layer of Mod Podge.

[ Step 8 ]

While Mod Podge is still wet, turn over the transferred image and you can now place it over any pre-painted/collaged journal page.

[ Step 9 ]

Burnish down with the putty spreader.