Mixed Media Basics & Beyond Workshop

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Mixed Media Art is the ideal medium to explore your creative side without the pressure of having to be artistic or create a perfect piece of art. Have fun using a variety of mediums and techniques. You’re free to experiment and be spontaneous in whatever you create. In this 2-day workshop you will combine acrylic painting, collaging, texturizing with different techniques & materials and adhering found objects. Anyone with little or no prior art experience can do mixed media. The magic happens when we welcome accidents and mistakes. You will be creating multiple pieces throughout the workshop. When you commit to multiple days of creating, you allow yourself to be fully immersed the creative process. This is the perfect opportunity to become really familiar with the art of mixed media.

This workshop is for both the beginner and advance students. Advance students will have the opportunity to learn more advanced mixed media techniques and work at their own pace on multiple pieces with the focus of creating a series.

All art experience welcome. Adults 18+