New To Zooming

Getting Into the Classroom
A few hours before each class session on the day of, you will receive an email from me with the Zoom link along with a password to get in. In order to maintain security, each class session will have a new link/password sent out before class.

When you click on the link, you will automatically enter a waiting room. When I am notified you have arrived, I will let you into the room.

Make sure to use your real name (or something close to it) so that I can recognize you from the roster.

For security reasons, I will not allow anyone into the classroom I don’t recognize from the roster. So, if you have a different Zoom sign-in name, please make sure to let me know prior to the class beginning.

You can also watch the below video on how to join a meeting/classroom in Zoom

What Device To Use
It is recommended you attend the class either using a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet. Using a cellphone will make it difficult to view details on the screen. Especially when I’m demonstrating. Although many students have managed to use their cell phones. It is a personal preference.

Missing A Class Session
I like to make sure everyone is in the classroom before I begin. Out of courtesy to your fellow class mates, please let me know a head of time if you are unable to make the class, so that we are not waiting for your arrival to begin.

Also let me know if you think you will late for class.

Class Recordings
Each class session will be recorded so you will be able to watch the recording should you miss a class. Class recordings are also helpful if you missed anything during the class. The recordings will be available for viewing during the duration of the class and a week after the last class session.

A link to the class recording will be emailed out to everyone a few hours after the class has ended.

Sorry, due to the size of the video files, I am unable to keep the recordings available indefinitely.

Showing Me Your Work in Process
Since I will not be able to see your work area, if you would like to share your work in process, you can take a picture with your cell phone or mobile device and then text it to me. I will provide a number you can use prior to class starting.

iphones: Those of you who have iphones, texts go directly to my computer so I will be able to view them immediately during our Zoom meeting.

Android/Other: Download the WhatsApp app onto your mobile device or cell phone and use this app to text me images.

Be Aware of Background Noise
Although Zooming is a fun online experience, it can also magnify background noise on your end. Try to be aware of any noise that you might have in the background like a crying puppy, television or music, cell phone, etc. If you have a lot of background noise, make sure to mute yourself. I may also mute you if I think a lot of noise is coming from your end.

If attending the class with a cell phone or tablet, we tend to brush up against the mic on our devices while adjusting placement. Make sure to mute yourself while you’re doing this.

Asking Me Questions
Once the class begins, I sometimes mute everyone to avoid background noise. So if you have a question, alway double check that you are unmuted.