Work One-on-One With Me


Are you finding yourself stuck creatively, unable to complete projects or even start?


Do you limit your creativity out of fear of not being artistic enough or questioning what you’re creating?


Have a desire to start a creative practice, but don’t know where to start?



Private lessons and creativity coaching might be the ideal avenue for you.




Sometimes we need someone outside our head, outside ourselves to help get over obstacles getting in the way of our creativity. It always helps to have that someone with an objective perspective to help shine some light on areas that might be difficult for you to see clearly. Having someone to bounce questions, thoughts or ideas can be the catalyst to gaining a deeper understand and clarity when it comes to your creativity.


Whether you would like to master color mixing, a particular mixed media technique, execute an idea for a project or help getting past your creative blocks (over thinking, uninspired or self-doubt), one-on-one instruction and creativity coaching during a private lesson might be the perfect situation for you.


Each private session is 1 1/2 hrs. long and is done in the comfort of your home, online in a private meeting on Zoom.



This is how it works:


1. Book a complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session to see if Private Sessions would be a good match for what you have in mind. This will also give you an opportunity to hear more about how coaching sessions work.


2. If you decide to move forward with the coaching sessions, you can select any of the following options to get started. Then we’ll get your sessions on the calendar and you’re ready to go!


Pricing Options:

Single Session (1:30 hrs.) | $95

Includes 3 email follow ups after the private lesson.
This is perfect if you have a specific technique or lesson you would like to cover and it could be completed within one session. Also perfect for test driving to experience what it’s like to work with me one-on-one.


4-Session Package (1:30 hrs. each session. Total 6 hrs.) | $350

Scheduled once a week. Includes unlimited emails during the duration of the private lessons.
Have a specific project or series you would like some support or direction on? Maybe you need to jump start your creativity.
This extended duration of private sessions provides just the right amount of time to go just a little deeper with the work around any creative block or project you would like to tackle.


3 Month Commitment (1:30 hrs. each session. Total 18 hrs.) | $1000

Scheduled once a week. Includes unlimited emails during the duration of the private lessons.
12 Sessions scheduled weekly (or whenever it works with your schedule). Includes unlimited emails during the duration of the private lessons.
Want to go deeper and achieve lasting results from our sessions together? Making a commitment to do in depth work and tackle every angle of any project or issue around your creativity can bring about more meaningful and productive results. It also allows you the necessary time to go deeper with the work.

Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session

Book your Discovery Session (Face-to-Face on Zoom) to discuss your goals/ideas and if working with me would be a good fit.