Color Mixing Essentials

With Lisa Agaran


Do you find color mixing a mystery? Do you always end up with a big blob of paint trying to get the right color? Do you get frustrated trying to figure out what colors best work together? Here is a chance to gain a basic understanding of color mixing. Learning the basic principles of color mixing is one of the main ingredients to creating artwork that feels cohesive and has a sense of harmony. Join me as I take you through easy to do exercises that will help you learn basic color mixology using the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow. You will learn how to mix the secondary and tertiary colors on the color wheel. We will also cover how to mix tints and shades as well as how to dull (desaturate) a color (hue). Discover how to create dynamic color combinations that creates impact to your artwork. You will gain an understanding of terminology such as hue, complimentary, saturation, tint and shades. In this workshop you will create your very own color wheel. All levels of art experience welcome. Adult ages 18+

(This is a self-pace online course provided through my Teachable platform)

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