Envision Your Soul Dreams

with Lisa Agaran


Whether it’s starting the New Year with new intentions, envisioning your dreams or revising existing goals throughout the year, it’s important to connect with what your soul desires. 

In this online course, I walk you through a Guided Visualization and Written Exercises to help you connect and gain clarity on your soul intentions and dreams. This process will help to make your hanging vision board more meaningful and personal.

Creating a visual reminder of your dreams and intentions is another step towards bring them to reality. I show you step-by-step on how create your very own hanging vision board.

This hanging vision board is unique, because you are able to add to it throughout the year or you can create multiple hanging vision boards for different intentions and dreams. Once completed, this vision board is easy to hang any where in your home or creative space to regularly reflect on throughout the year. 

Vision Prayer Flags

Throughout history Prayer Flags have been used in eastern religions as a way to send out into the world intentions of good will, compassion and healing. They were also hung in living spaces not only as a reminder to be mindful of these intentions, but to restore peace & calm. Tibetans believed as the wind blew through these flags the intentions (prayers) would be spread out into the world. Prayer flags can also be used as a type of vision board holding our dreams or goals.

In the second part of this workshop I will also walk you through the process of creating your own Vision Prayer Flags, infused with your goals and intentions. We will use a combination of fabric, scraps of material, collage and found objects. You will have the opportunity to personalize each flag with your favorite imagery, quotes and found objects that reflect your intentions.

Envision your goals, dreams or intentions and create a visual reminder to help bring them to reality. Perfect for setting goals for the New Year or to establish new ones throughout the year. In this program, I walk you through a Guided Visualization and Written Exercises. Then I show you step-by-step in a fun tutorial how to incorporate mixed media, collage and found objects to create your Wall Hanging Vision Board and/or Vision Prayer Flags.

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