Mixed Media Basics Online Course

With Lisa Agaran


Mixed Media Art is the ideal medium to explore your creative side without the pressure of having to be artistic or create a perfect piece of art. Have fun using a variety of mediums and techniques.

By combining collage, acrylic painting, layering, found objects and more, you’re free to experiment and be spontaneous in whatever you create. During the process we invite accidents and mistakes to happen, while finding beauty in the imperfections.

In this online course I take you step-by-step on how to create a mixed media piece that has dimension and interest. I’ll walk you through from start to finish on how to apply various mixed media techniques so that you experience and understand the richness of the layer process. Here are some of the techniques covered in this course:

  • How to pre-prime your art boards with gesso.
  • Learn the basics of painting with acrylics.
  • Creating different types of backgrounds.
  • How to layer utilizing different layering processes.
  • Learn how to do a successful image transfer.
  • How to use the Rule of Thirds for composition & balance
  • Learn basic collaging and how to establish a color palette
  • How to blend colors with acrylic paints.
  • Incorporating text & found objects….and more

If you’re new to mixed media, this is the perfect course to help grow your artistic journey.

(This is a self-pace online course provided through my Teachable platform)

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