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“If I’m going to do something that could be provocative or artistically relevant, I have to be prepared to put myself in a place where I feel unsafe, not completely in control. I have no fear of failure whatsoever, because often out of that uncertainty something is salvaged, something that is worthwhile comes about.”

David Bowie

Have you done tons of art classes and Youtube tutorials, but feel like your creativity has plateaued?

Does it feel like anything you create just doesn’t excite you like it used to?

Tired of creating “one off” projects that look beautiful, but lack intention or meaning?

Feeling like your art is looking like everyone else’s and have a strong urge to discover a style uniquely your own?

Has procrastination or second guessing gotten in the way of discovering your true artistic style?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of the above questions or have experienced something similar, this is a natural stage of any artistic journey.  This is also a sign that you are ready for another growth spurt.

As artists, we should always be growing and evolving. This is the calling of our inner artist.

The nature of creativity is that it does not like to ride on the train of complacency for very long before it starts to get antsy and yearn for something more.

In this program, you will learn how to tap into a source of inspiration that is sustainable and long lasting.

In order to allow your true creativity and authentic expression to unfold, a level of self-awareness & personal transformation is necessary for your creative growth. Learn what actions to take when you find yourself procrastinating, stuck, overthinking or judging yourself harshly.

This is essential to riding the ebb and flow of your creativity as well as developing a trusting and deeper relationship with the creative process.

The Process

This program is an immersive process to where a blend of following, will help you develop a deeper awareness of what your inner artist is in need of during different stages of the creative process. 

    • Self-reflective journaling exercises
    • Mind mapping
    • Creativity enhancing exercises
    • Art making
    • Tips on navigating the ups & downs
    • Implementing a workbook process and more

Creating with Intention

When you create art with the intention or attaching meaning, your artwork not only has more depth, but it also becomes more meaningful to you during the creative process.

The term “meaning-making,” is a psychological concept to which one is seeking a deeper understanding of a life event, a place or simply a technique. Whatever the meaning or intention behind what you’re creating, becomes infused in your creation.

In this program you will then create a series of pieces reflecting this intention, theme or meaning. By first collecting resource material, whether that be going out and photographing or using existing images, we will begin to extract the essence of your meaning or intention. 

Through the use of a color palette, mixed media techniques, collage and more, you will create an abstract translation in a series of small pieces or a few larger pieces. Whatever size format you feel is calling to you.

We are more powerful together

When we gather and connect with others who are on similar paths in their artistic growth, we feel supported and encouraged to continue our creative journey. We don’t feel like we have to “go it alone.” Also, in a group setting there is a collective wisdom that accelerates our growth and transformation.


One-on-One Coaching

As part of the program each member will receive an hour of one-on-one coaching with me. The session can be used for what you’re working on during the program, a project idea that you need feedback on or any other aspect of your art making or creative process you would like some guidance on. You will also have opportunities during the class sessions to have individual time with me to discuss the details of your project.

Here’s a little peek 

Week 1: Connecting with Your True Artist | Re-authoring Old Stories

Week 2: Creating with Intention & Establishing Meaning in Your Artwork

Week 3: Creative Resistance & Trusting Your Creative Intuition

Week 4: Begin Exploring Preliminary Ideas | Trying Different Compositions

Week 5: Work in Class & One-on-one with the Instructor

Week 6: Creative Connections | Establishing a Creative Space & Ritual

Week 7: Continue Working on Series

Week 8: Final Projects, Show & Tell

Recordings of the class sessions will be available for later viewing. Breakout rooms will not be recorded.

Who this program is perfect for

You’re ready to dive deep and take your art making & creativity to the next level. Of course, I want to make sure this program is a good fit for you. Also, it’s very important to bring the right people together in order to achieve a cohesive group that flows and connects well. Because a portion of the program will require some self-reflection, I will be screening potential candidates for the following:

  • Your level of commitment & motivation 
  • Your level of self-awareness
  • Your desire to learn new things
  • Your readiness for transformation (ability to sit with the uncomfortableness)
  • Your level of Art & Creative experience
  • Your openness to working with others
  • Your readiness to take responsibility for your own artistic growth
  • Your openness to hear constructive feedback from others
  • Your openness to supporting others and celebrating their successes

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