Frequently Ask Questions

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I’ve never done a workshop on Zoom before, what should I expect?

Visit our “New to Zoom” page to get a feel for what to expect. Also you can watch Lisa’s Youtube video that gives you a peek into a Zoom classroom.

I live in a different time zone, how do I figure out what time the workshop begins and ends?  

The 3-Day workshop schedule will be according to Pacific Standard Time. You can find out the correct time in your time zone by visiting the Time Zone Converter

I’m unable to attend the live Zoom workshops. Is there any other option to attend?

We realize the dates and times won’t work for everyone and it’s more important to us that this workshop is available to everyone so we are offering a Non-Zoomer Option. As a Non-Zoomer you will received an email at the end of each day with a link to the recording for that day. 

How long will the recordings be available to watch?

Recordings will be available for viewing online for the duration of the weekend, plus 21 days after it ends.

Is there a different price to attend/register as a Non-Zoomer?

Whether you register to attend live or as a Non Zoomer the price is $245.00 per person.

Why aren’t the recordings being offered forever or downloadable?

Unlike purchasing an online course (similar to purchasing a product like a book), a live event is different. For copyright reasons and out of respect for attendees’ privacy, the recordings will be up for viewing for a limited time. They will be available only to registered attendees. 

Will I be able to ask questions during the workshop if I don’t understand something?

Because of the popularity of the instructors and since we are expecting a large turn out we want to make sure not to disrupt the instructors teaching process. We will have someone monitoring questions via chat in Zoom and if there is additional time during the breaks, the instructor may be available to answer questions. Viewing the recordings after the workshop, may also answer questions that might come up.

What materials will I need to get?

Each instructor will be teaching a different project and techniques, therefore has their own list of materials. It’s important that you review each instructor’s list to determine what materials you will need.
Click here to download a printable version of all the materials lists.

Do I have to attend Wednesday night?

“Meet the Instructors Night” is an added bonus and fun way to kick off the 3-Day Workshop Event. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your instructors before the actual workshops. Although it’s optional to attend, we invite  you to join. The event will also be recorded for later viewing.

Can I pick what days I want to attend and pay for only those days?

Unfortunately, we are not offering the option to cherry pick days of the 3-Day Event. Registration is for ALL 3-Days plus Meet the Instructors Night.

Are you offering a payment plan option?

Unfortunately we are not offering a payment installment option for this event.

What if I need to cancel my registration? Do I get a refund?

Attendees may request a withdrawal from the 3-Day Workshop. Withdrawal requests made by November 1, 2021 will receive a refund, minus a processing fee of $25. Withdrawal requests made by phone after November 1, 2021, will NOT receive a refund.

All withdrawal requests within the United States must be made by calling the following number (626) 470-7278Any withdrawal requests sent via email will not be accepted.

Outside of the United States, withdrawal requests will be accepted via email.